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The recent success of Yamaha synthesizers started not with the Motif, but actually with the S80 -Yamaha’s first ever 88 note weighted action synth. In 1999, keyboard players were looking for a product that combined Yamaha's acclaimed weighted action keys, their digital piano technology, and a robust synth engine, into one affordable and portable performance synth. For the past 10 years, the S Series has continued to set the standard for the 'perfect balance' of piano and synth.

With the new S90/S70XS Performance Synthesizers, the S Series has taken a huge leap forward. Although the S90ES was often described by what it didn’t have (a Motif ES with no sampling or sequencing ), the new S series is defined by the unique features it has above and beyond the Motif XS: the easy-to-use Performance Creator, direct to USB recording (including 18 minutes of internal Flash memory), a combo jack mic input complete with front panel controls, and even a 76-note but weighted version!

The new S Series has plenty that’s new and different, but these instruments are still true to the original S Series concept: synths that are as ease to use as a digital piano.

We’ve updated a lot of things on Sninety.com, but you’ll still find the same friendly forums, the same store (with lots of new products in it). And check out the enhanced media section where you can view both official and unofficial footage of S Series instruments going through their paces.

If you’re a previous S Series owner you’ll feel right at home, and if you’re a new S90XS owner you’ll find lots of people and products here to help you get the most out of your S.
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